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One day, a poor man fell into a deep hole. He shouted at everyone who went by and asked if they would help him get out. On the first day in the hole, another poor man walked by. The one in the hole shouted, "Hey, stranger! Will you help a fellow poor man get out of this hole?" The man on the street called back, "Sorry, stranger. As you can see, I have enough problems of my own. I don't have time to think of ways to pull a man out of a hole. I am sure someone else will come along." So he stayed there.
The man had been in the hole for two days now, and was getting pretty hungry and pretty thirsty. That afternoon, a middle-class gentleman walked by the hole. "Sir! Will you help a poor man get out of this hole?" he called. "I'm sorry." replied the gentleman. "I must earn money to keep my status, and I must work to earn money. I will get fired if I show up in dirty clothes and muddy boots. I am sure someone else will come along." So he stayed there.
By the third day, the poor man was incredibly fatigued. Late that afternoon, a very wealthy man drove by the hole, in a carriage. From his vantage point, he could see the poor man in the hole, who was waving because he had lost his voice. The wealthy man immediately stopped his carriage, ran to the hole, and jumped in. "Why in God's name did you do that?!" the poor man shouted, confused and angry at the same time. "Are you crazy? Now we're both in the hole! Who's going to want to pull two men out?" The wealthy man replied calmly: "Because I have been here before, and I know the way out."

This site is about inspiration. No matter what it is, or how you find it, it is always there, and is unique to each person. I will post on this site all of the poems, sayings, stories, etc. that inspire me, as well as a collection of other things I find inspirational.

I also encourage all of you to find your inspiration. Whether or not you choose to share it with anyone is up to you. But whatever it is, embrace it and cherish it, for it is what keeps us going in our most desperate moments. If you'd like to share it with me (and I'd love to hear it), then please leave a message in my Guest Book.

This page will be updated occasionally and is always under construction.
LAST UPDATE: 8 April 2012
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Pictures from my 21st birthday party.


I graduated high school on 19 May 2003, and am currently a junior attending university in Indiana. I am double-majoring in Psychology and Mathematics. After I graduate university, I plan on earning a PhD. in Mathematics or Mathematical Psychology. My research interests lie primarily in mathematical psychology, behavior change, decision-making, nonlinear dynamics/chaos, and complexity theory. Ultimately, I'd like earn a professorship at a university in a city where I can settle down, conduct research, and teach and advise graduate students.

I live near my family with my two cats, Adam and Nora. I'm twenty-seven years old, and I like to hike, bicycle, scrapbook, read, listen to music, and hang out with friends, among other things.

Before you leave, please sign my guest book and check out my links page. I'd like to hear from everyone who visits my site, and there may also be something on the links page that interests you. Please enjoy my site and I hope you come back soon. :-)

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